Solutions, LLC
Real Estate Transaction &
Regulatory Advocacy
During the course of a real estate transaction, Pure was contracted by the
owner/seller of a farm & ranch supply and pipe fabrication facility to assist
him with the environmental issues discovered during the completion of the
buyer's Phase I ESA. The property owner contracted Pure because he wasn't
pleased with how the buyer's consultant was handling the resolution of the
environmental issues.

Once we reviewed the project details, we determined that the buyer's
consultant handled the resolution of the environmental issues ineffectively,
and we further determined that the consultant had provided both the buyer
and seller incorrect information regarding the regulatory notification and
compliance requirements for the project's environmental issues.

We worked closely with the property owner to explain the proper regulatory
requirements, and to formulate a cost effective and timely scope of work in
order to salvage the impending sale.

We assisted the property owner with the proper TCEQ notifications, and
worked closely with the TCEQ to formulate a workable timeline. Additionally,
Pure advocated on behalf of the client with the TCEQ, and we were able to
achieve a modified and reduced scope of work that satisfied TCEQ
requirements and was affordable to the client.

Our successful advocacy enabled us to help the owner shorten the project
timeline by several months or more. Additionally, we were able to obtain
regulatory case closure, which helped to salvage the sale of his property.

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