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Combination Phase I &
Phase II Environmental Site
Pure conducted a combined Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
of a machinery company located in Dallas, Texas for property acquisition
purposes. The subject property was a heavy equipment rental facility which
encompassed approximately 4.5 acres, and was improved with a 28,000
square foot building that included offices, storage areas, and
warehouse/garages. Regulated materials used onsite included hydraulic fluid,
grease, cutting oil, parts wash (solvents), gasoline, and diesel. These
materials were, in some cases, contained in improperly labeled and/or
unlabeled 55-gallon drums and/or open containers. There was evidence of
staining in multiple areas around the facility. At least one leaking drum was
observed on the property, and an open makeshift parts washing tub
consisting of one-half of a 55-gallon steel drum cut lengthwise was observed
containing solvents wash. This parts washing station was an environmental
concern due to the improper container and lack of labeling. The results of the
assessment revealed evidence of the following recognized environmental
conditions: improperly and/or unlabeled drums, improper storage of used
automotive batteries, one or more leaking drums, significant surface staining
as a result of spills and overfills of regulated petroleum substances, improper
parts washing station containing solvents, and one unknown soil stockpile.

For the Phase II portion of the investigation, a total of five soil borings were
advanced on the subject property in areas of concern identified during the
Phase I portion of the investigation. The soil analyses revealed petroleum
hydrocarbons as well as various RCRA metals concentrations in the shallow
subsurface primarily in areas of obvious staining or overfills. Based on the
visual observations as well as the laboratory analyses, the shallow subsurface
was impacted by used oil, hydraulic oil, and other petroleum products used at
the facility and were the result of poor material handling and housekeeping

Pure recommended that the owner of the property report the results of the
investigation to the TCEQ as soon as possible for further direction.
Additionally, Pure recommended that the recognized environmental conditions
identifiend in the Phase I portion of the investigation be corrected prior to our
client acquiring the property.

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